Baqueeno Fashion Rewards Club is the Customer Reward scheme of!
The more purchases you make, the closer you get to the next tier of rewards and the more benefits you get.

Baqueeno Fashion Club rewards you from the first euro of your purchases! €1 = 1 Baqueeno Point!

Once buy €1 = You get automatically 1 Baqueeno Point.

What is Baqueeno Fashion Rewards Club?

Every purchase counts! Register at and automatically become a member of the Baqueeno Fashion Rewards Club.

Earn points with your purchases and redeem them whenever you wish!

1000 Baqueeno Points
10 €
2000 Baqueeno Points
20 €
3000 Baqueeno Points
30 €
4000 Baqueeno Points
40 €
Become a Member & earn the first 10 Baqueeno points for free as a bonus 🙂
Write a review for your experience and earn 50 point for free as a bonus!
P.S. Baqueeno points should be redeemed within two years!