1) Changes

Did you received your parcel and for any reason do you wish a change? You are eligible to do so, within 30 days from the day that you placed the order :).

The product must not be worn, damaged or altered in any way, and the label should NOT have been removed from the garment. If the above conditions are not met, the changes will not be accepted. In order to proceed with the new shipment we should first receive the product that you wish to change and it is confirmed that it meets the above conditions, we will then send you the new product.

Shipping costs for changes in Cyprus

We are offering two options for changes:

  1. BOX NOW = the shipping cost is 4€


2. ACS Courier = the shipping cost is 9€

*The above mentioned fees, including the return of the product to Baqqueeno and the re-shipment from Baqueeno back to you!

Shipping costs for changes in Greece

For any change that should be shipped to Greece, the cost will be charged to the client and the fee is 14,00€ via BOX NOW (indluding return from the client and re-shipment from us).

2) Defective product

In the event that you receive a product that has any defect, you should inform us the latest 5 days after the date that you picked up the parcel. You are eligible to a voucher with the value of the defective product without expiration date or you could get a refund if you wish. In case that you wish to send you another product the shipping costs will be charged since it is considered as a new order.

3) Returns / Cancellation

You changed your mind and don’t wish your order? You should contact the SOONEST Baqueeno Customer Service directly via email at info@baqueeno.com or by phone at +30 695 5650283 for Greece and +357 22 254895 for Cyprus.

  1. If your order has not been shipped there is not any extra charge and you will get a full refund to your bank account .
  2. If you received the parcel and wish to return it and get a refund, you will receive a refund of the total amount of your order less the shipping costs (4€ for BOX NOW or 9€ for ACS Courier).