About us

Our company founded in 2021, through this newly established business we aim to create new job opportunities, with a spiritual, friendly and teamwork environment for all employees.

By promoting an environmental friendly collection, we hope to convince many of you that fashion is no stranger to ecology. Its combination can pleasantly surprise you and in fact with zero impact on the environment.

Based on our favorite ancient Greek slogan “Doune & Lavin’’ meaning give with your heart and life will reward you, we have been looking for a long time to find a way to reciprocate your support.

With social conscience and focusing on the fact that the income of our company comes from your love for children, we decided that for each of your orders, €1 will be donated to Alkionides Charity.

Alkionides Charity provides:

• Coverage of part of the expenses for going abroad for treatment of people with serious health problems (mainly children).

• Reimbursement of part of the expenses for the purchase of aids / treatments for children with mental and / or physical disabilities.

• Supporting needy individuals and families with food stamps and covering other necessary livelihood expenses.

• Financial assistance to needy students to complete their studies.

For more information you could visit their website www. Alkionides.org.cy.

Yours sincerely,

Baqueeno Fashion Ltd